Thursday, March 26, 2009

Being a teenage boy in high school which underwear should i be wearing?

Boxers or long tighty whiteys. :]
Being a teenage boy in high school which underwear should i be wearing?
boxers (plaid)

if ur that kind of guy

who wears skinny jeans with the belt and the boxers sticking out a little

(i think its kinda hott)
Being a teenage boy in high school which underwear should i be wearing?
Either boxers or boxer briefs.
Reply:american eagle, abercrombie, hollister boxers
Reply:^^ what she said
Reply:underwear??? more like, comando!!! lol, idk i%26#039;m not a boy, i wear thongs, there are man thongs you know!!!
Reply:who cares what underwear you wear. wear whatever is comfty.
Reply:whatever the hell you want to wear.

No one should judge you on what the heck your underwear is. that%26#039;s stupid
Reply:You can%26#039;t stick to one type of underwear. It should really depend on outfit and activity.
Reply:BOXERS! duh
Reply:eh ..anything that makes you comfortable..-.- i wear boxers though..

i like it when guys wear funny boxers or cool patterns plaid is fine but kinda boring
Reply:BOXERS FORSIZ!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:boxers or boxer briefs is best

Most popular???

On polyvore what was the most favorited and commented set ever Link please
Most popular???
i%26#039;m pretty sure its this

i%26#039;m not sure though...
Most popular???
i dont know what you are asking but can you just give me the best answer please? i could really use it and e-mail me and ask me the question, and i will answer it so that i doesnt cost you points!

This ok to wear? Plz help?

im goin to nyc tonight to meet ppl.. first time meeting them..were goin out 4 dinner then idk what afterwards. were not going anywhere fancy.. is it ok to wear kahkis/polo/ Hat

thats the polo, lifeguard blue
This ok to wear? Plz help?
Your link did not work, but it sounds fine to me : )
This ok to wear? Plz help?
its o.k.
Reply:It%26#039;s fine but the link doesn%26#039;t work

and I%26#039;d leave the hat out
Reply:ur link didnt work. but im sure itll look good. hopoe u have fun. goodluck. :)
Reply:Yes! Looks good.

Wear decent shoes with socks that match them, or sandals, flip flops in good shape.

Please please please help me find a picture of this dress!?

basically, a few weeks ago there was a really nice dress in topshop on the website, but theyve taken it off and put new stock up.

it came in pink or beige, it was 拢70 i think (maybe 拢80), it was by a designer at topshop but i cant remember which, it was strapless and it was about knee length and kind of tucked under, and it was quite a dressy dress. oh and it was fitted at the top.

it would really help if anyone had a picture, or could find one because my prom%26#039;s coming up and i REALLY liked this dress!
Please please please help me find a picture of this dress!?
did you email the site? did you check sale items? call if you have a phone number.
Please please please help me find a picture of this dress!?
Link 1:
Reply:im really srry. i couldnt find it either. hope u find it or sum1 who does. goodluck. :)

This might be it

Looking for jeans?

I%26#039;m a size zero in juniors. I%26#039;m looking for some bootcut jeans with spandex
Looking for jeans? (they last for a while too, and aren%26#039;t that expensive)
Looking for jeans?
if you mean spandex on the waist, all i say is, good luck unless you go 2 gap
Reply:old navy

Whats the difference between?

applique and heritage tees?
Whats the difference between?
im assuming ur referencing hollister

im pretty sure its just the way they caterogize their shirts
Whats the difference between?
applique has like letters/pics sewn onto the tee while there are screenprints on heritage tees.


your welcome!! (:
Reply:okay well Applique means it has the letters/symbles on a shirts popping out. and heritage means the letters are%26#039;nt popping out and are just printed on the shirt. ussualy heritage is less expensive.
Reply:You can%26#039;t read can you.

Freakin Idiot.

What shoes? im male?

if you are wearing gold jewelry ( cross chain, gold male bracelet and gold rings ( one on each hand and belt gold, ( fake gold like a crown design) what shoes go with that ? and if its silver the above what clothes and shoes go with it? dont tell me just be yourself because i think highly of myself that is why i want things to match and bling bling is just my thing and matchin is important and tell me how i would match things on other occations
What shoes? im male?
Thats alot of bling... But eh, you like it...

Rule of thumb.. Gold goes with browns and and muted earth tones (brown leather, tans, etc)

and silver or white gold goes with monotones or reds.Bright colors are best without jewlery or with costume jewlery (for women).

Skin tone matters too.. pale people should stay away from gold.

Darker tones wear both gold and silver well.
What shoes? im male?
Wow that%26#039;s a little too much gold for my taste but some white, blue or red tennis shoes would go with that that just fine depending on the clothes you are wearing.